I'm Doctor Mom
Shauntelle Bonman Senkungu, D.O.

COVID-19 Testing

We provide testing for the Coronavirus. It’s the Gold Standard PCR testing and much less intrusive than the standard nasal swab.

Direct Primary Care

We are are direct cash pay practice. However,  we do accept PPO plans for Cigna, Aetna and Blue Cross BlueSheild and Medicare. If you are insured by a different insurance provider and/or have an HMO plan, following your paid visit we will give you an receipt (superbill) for you to give to your insurance for visit reimbursement.

Are you looking for a primary care doctor to deliver care  in the comfort of your own home? Dr. Bonman is now rendering all care via virtual telemedicine visits.

The Best Experience Ever


Monthly Membership

200 $ 100 / m
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Virtual Visit
  • Unhurried time with the Physician

Singular Visit

99 $ 50 / visit
  • Single Virtual Visit
  • Unhirried time with the Physician
I went to see Dr. Bonman when my back was super tight and I was in pain. She was very professional and treated me very kind, very gentle. She stretched me out and showed me a few stretches to do. She recommended I change my diet (drink more water and stretch). That did wonders. I recommend her to everyone. I thought that my physical condition was a lot worse, but she reassured me that small changes would go a long way. She helped me with no medicine - and I'm grateful for that!
Alex Hernandez