PCR Testing

Grand Brook Testing​

To roll out our COVID-19 Testing services, we will offer testing ONLY for family members of the residents at Grand Brook Memory Care of McKinney and Allen, TX.

Family members need to be tested weekly and we offer a 72 hour turnaround.

PCR Testing

Additional Testing Options Are Coming

With testing in short supply and taking too long, We are ramping up our testing capacity to offer pain free, FDA approved testing in additional locations.

Why Take Our Test

Testing Accuracy

1 %
1 %
Day Wait


Most frequent questions and answers

You will provide 5 mL of saliva for your testing sample.

Drink some water so you can produce saliva. Don’t brush your teeth or eat or drink within one hour of the test.

Test results will take no longer than 3 days.

This is a PCR test which is done at a DNA level, making it very accurate. Click here for more details.

You will get results via text or email.

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